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About 'Chrysalis Chronicles'

finding inspiration in every change

Unveiling evolution through ideas. Embark on a TEDx journey delving into the transformative power of concepts, much like a chrysalis's journey to becoming a butterfly. Explore stories of innovation, inspiration, and profound change, illuminating the essence of personal and societal metamorphosis.

Why this theme?

Why this theme, you ask? Because we're captivated by the

idea of metamorphosis—of ideas taking root, undergoing a profound transformation, and blossoming into impactful stories. Just as a chrysalis shields the metamorphosing pupa, we delve into the cocoon of ideation, where concepts evolve and gain the power to shape the world. 'Chrysalis Chronicles' isn't just a theme; it's an exploration of how ideas, like butterflies, can emerge and create a chain reaction of change, leaving their mark on the tapestry of existence.

The Speakers

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