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Carousel Logo Aston University TED event 2022
cArOuSeL (4)_edited_edited_edited_edited

Presents the theme for 2022

Being a kid or an adult, everyone has had a chance to experience a carousel at some point of time in their lives. Each element of a carousel represents our life, a journey of ups and downs, yet it’s amazing how all of us are connected by each other’s experiences of sadness, love, and happiness.

TEDx at Aston University presents this year's theme: Carousel - A journey of triumph and tribulations. Through embracing the power of humanity and bonding, this year’s event aims to spread ideas that foster hope for a better tomorrow.

For an unforgettable experience and a cherished memory, come and take a ride with TEDx at Aston University in Birmingham.

Experience the beauty of life by clicking below!

The event theme was "Design Thinking" and the speakers spoke about what the phrase meant to them in relation to their field of expertise.

Our Talks 

Harry Beard TEDx Aston University

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