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  • Astonbury 2023: A Day of Fun, Thrills, and Inspiring Talks

    The sun was shining bright on June 9th as Astonbury 2023 unfolded, marking the end of terms and the start of a vibrant summer. With an atmosphere brimming with joy and excitement, people gathered to enjoy a day filled with relaxation, exploration, and engaging activities. Let’s relive the excitement of this remarkable event by diving into our unforgettable experience at Astonbury, highlighting key moments and the exhilarating stall of TedxAstonUniversity. Astonbury 2023 welcomed attendees with open arms under the sun. The air buzzed with energy as people engaged in various outdoor activities, soaking up the summer vibes. From laid-back picnics on the grass to lively dance-offs, there was something for everyone to enjoy. Our society also joined the atmosphere with a stall offering a range of interesting and experimental activities. It was exciting to see people so thrilled to delve in the world of public speaking and enthusiastically engaging in our activities at the stall. One of the activities was "MyTEDxTalk," where individuals had the opportunity to deliver a 60-second speech on a topic they were passionate about—an idea worth spreading. Having the chance to witness people stepping up and sharing their unique perspectives and insights in such a short span of time is an incredible thing to us. Another engaging activity at the stall was "Guess the Speaker" where attendees listened to audio clips of iconic speeches delivered by history-makers and attempted to guess the speaker's identity. The attendees were triggered by the words and messages in the audio with their full attention. And the excitement grew as they made the right guess and gain the chance to spin the wheel and win marvellous gifts, which made it a thrilling experience for all. The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the series of captivating speeches made at the TedxAstonUniversity stall. The talented speakers took the stage, captivating the audience with their thought-provoking ideas and inspiring stories. Alongside the live speeches, the "Guess the Speaker" activity allowed attendees to test their knowledge and discover more about influential figures who have made a significant impact through their words. Laughter and cheers filled the air as people engaged in friendly debates and shared their thoughts on the speeches and speakers. It was heartwarming to see the community coming together, bonding over shared interests and passions. There were also beautiful smiles checking-in with our iconic social media post frame. Together, we have made lasting memories! As the day came to a close, the positive energy lingered in the air. Astonbury 2023 had provided everyone with an unforgettable experience filled with fun, and inspiration. Have a great summer ahead and we are looking forward to meeting you guys in the next event! For full gallery, please check the link -

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